WFS Beginner's Booklet by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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This Women for Sobriety booklet serves as an introduction to the wonderful life of recovery.  It explains the early days of sobriety… what to expect or not to expect.  Ideas and suggestions to make a smooth transition from drinking to recovery.  It is also available in the Beginner's Special at a discounted rate (

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Toots:  The WFS Beginner’s Booklet is the perfect companion to The WFS Program Booklet.  I keep mine clipped together.  They are both included in the Beginner’s Special (a great bargain!).  This little booklet is big on information that is helpful to anyone just starting out on this New Life journey.  Jean discusses issues common to most women in early sobriety.  She explains what to expect and what not to expect, offering ideas and suggestions to help make the transition from drinking to recovery smoother.  I was quite a few years sober when I was introduced to Women for Sobriety.  Right away, I ordered the Beginner’s Special.  I wanted to learn all I could about this organization and the “New Life” Program.  I will admit, coming from a different recovery program and never having heard of any others, I was a bit skeptical at first.  That quickly changed as I came to realize how much I could relate my own recovery process to that of the WFS philosophy and 13 Statements.  This was a program I did not have to alter in any way to fit my personal recovery needs.  It has proven to be a good fit for me.  All the things Jean talks about in The Beginner’s Booklet I experienced in my own early sobriety days.  I am so glad I rode them out and hung in for the better days ahead.  Though the specific details may have differed, I had the same type of questions, frustrations, struggles, and expectations that most any other newly recovering woman faces.  What a relief to know I wasn’t the oddball.  I highly recommend this booklet to anyone just starting out, or still pretty early on in their sobriety.

Shirley:  I find sometimes that it is good to bring the Beginner’s Booklet out at my face-to-face meeting.  It helps me answer the questions of some of the ladies who are in treatment.  It is always in my WFS carry bag.

Molly:  I so highly recommend this booklet.  It is portable, easy to read, packed with useful guidance, full of directions with reasons to support them, great to read and re-read and re-write in your own words… a FABULOUS booklet that led me to the practice I still use today.

Twillwemeet:  I keep mine in my purse.  It has been taped together several times!  Sometimes I have a few minutes and give it a look.  Most of the time it is just there.  I know what it says even without opening it!  Great resource!

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WFS Beginner's Booklet by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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