Relationships Workbook by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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The object of this workbook is to help you take a closer look at yourself in relation to your relationships.  Re-reading the exercises and questions over the following months, and even years, helps you become aware of the changes you are making in yourself and in your relationships.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Molly:  This 8.5”x11” workbook assists you to explore:  the state of your relationships (past and present), your expectations of relationships, and your thoughts regarding relationships.  I came to WFS via my efforts to improve my relationship with myself and with my husband.  I knew I was not satisfied with what I had created and what I experienced.  Unfortunately, I did not know why and how I got to the disappointing place in which I was in.  This workbook is a useful tool to begin understanding your ideas, beliefs, concerns, and goals for your relationships.  It is written by Jean with compassion and honesty.  She provides a simple format for you to consider thought-provoking information and review your experiences.  These exercises are useful at any time and are worth repeating as we grow.  One disheartening truth in my recovery is that my relationships have not yet become what I desire them to be.  I am still critical of myself.  I still feel largely misunderstood by my husband.  And I still feel my heart sink when I lack compassion while mothering my children.  Despite being continuously sober for 7+ months, I still yearn for great change in my most precious relationships.  The glory is that I am indeed sober and using the WFS program to strengthen my 4C skills (caring, compassionate, capable and competent).  My relationships will no doubt improve as a result.  This workbook helps to identify what you would like to change in your relationships.  In that way, it serves as a map for your journey.  It allows you to figure out where you are, where you want to go and where you want to bypass completely.  Imagine how useful this is!  Being a woman, you can then pull over and ask for directions!  I promise you, that is useful!

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Relationships Workbook by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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