Recovery Stories Bundle
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This bundle is a set of 14 Recovery Stories by WFS Members.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Shirley:  These booklets, 14 in all, recount the lives of ladies who have come to WFS in the same fashion as we did, to find help and support.  There is a short summary of their lives before they found WFS and got into recovery; but not a lot of gory details… just a few facts of how out of control their lives were and then lots of encouraging words as to how the program helped them.  It helped their self-esteem, their mental outlook and gave them a focus.  They show that the program can really work for all of us.  I came to have these booklets because my dear friend, Elizabeth, gave them to me when I took over her group, along with all the other literature she shared.  There was so much to absorb at once that I had put them on the bookshelf to read later.  Now, I wish I had picked them up sooner.  I found the stories inspirational and can see that they would be very helpful to ladies, especially in early recovery.  They give lots of encouragement.  The ladies point out that we don’t get better overnight; which so many of us hope to do, after all, we didn’t get ill overnight.  The main common thread throughout all the booklets is to never give up.  Keep practicing and repeating the 13 Statements.  In short, work the program.  Now that I have dusted my copies off and read them, I am going to take them to my face-to-face group as an inspiration to all the ladies, young and old.  As we know, alcoholism isn’t restricted to any age group.  The other amazing part of these ladies lives is that they have gone on to support the program, work the program, some have gone back to school, started new careers, new lives.  They show us it can be done.

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Recovery Stories Bundle

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