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WFS "Hello Life" Coffee Mug

BRAND NEW DESIGN to welcome in 2014!!  Actually there are TWO DESIGNS on this mug... one side says "HELLO LIFE" and the opposite side says "GO FOR IT" along with one of our favorite enthusiastic Statement Characters to cheer you on and brighten your day.

This classic shaped ceramic coffee mug holds 14 ounces and has a wide handle that fits comfortably in your hand and it is two-toned with the exterior color an energetic orange and the interior color a cheerful lighter shade of orange (looks sunshine yellow to wake you up!).

A wonderful gift for yourself, members of your group, and it makes a great gift for friends & family too.  The mug comes in its own box - perfect for gift-giving!  (There is no mention of "WFS" nor our information on the mug itself.)

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Coffee Mug

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