Anger: The Workbook by Cindy Watson, MA
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Learn what anger is and how to express it… exercises show you how.

These topics & more:

  • Which ways do you deal with anger?
  • Anger and Recovery
  • Ventilating Our Anger
  • Hidden Anger
  • Learn how to use our Anger as a starting point to Change Patterns rather than Blame People
  • Do's & Don'ts
  • Forgiveness

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Molly4CForever:  Style:  question response, sentence completion and explanations.  Super great features:  excellent companion book to Anger & Women booklet, easy to read and understand information, fill-in format allows for interaction with materials, thought-provoking questions, useful exercises to understand the role of anger in your past and present, strategies and tips for understanding and expressing anger.  Aspects of Anger Addressed:  Anger while drinking, Anger in recovery, Lessons in Anger, Repressed Anger, Hidden Anger, Skills to apply and strengthen.  I did not order this workbook right away; after all, I did not have issues with anger (at least, that is what I always thought).  After 3 months into continuous sobriety, I encountered my anger.  This was a frightening, disappointing and unpredictable time.  I was so scared of the angry thoughts in my head.  I was disheartened with myself for feeling hot true anger.  Surely, this could not be a good sign, I thought.  Surely, I must be doing something wrong if I felt this strong negative emotion, I figured.  This workbook escorted me into the ring to explore anger that had long been misunderstood.  I wasn’t just hurt, lonely, and sad.  I was mad, by golly!  And, boy oh boy, was I ever now!  The exercises in this workbook that alternated with useful information directed me in work that was uncomfortable, intimidating, and confusing.  I was glad to have the safety of the workbook to consider new ideas and test out my emerging ideas.  I was glad to have the guidance of the fill in the blanks format.  I could do the necessary work with this workbook.  I find this workbook to be a highly useful tool.

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Anger: The Workbook by Cindy Watson, MA

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