Tools For Recovery: Relapse Prevention Volume 1
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In this series of booklets, we've gathered together articles (that were previously published in WFS's newsletter, Sobering Thoughts) with a certain topic in mind to help women, in their recovery, learn from the experiences and insight of women using the WFS Program.

This booklet is a great help with group meetings too!

These articles & more:

  • A Sobering Experience
  • Tempted!
  • Taking Sobriety for Granted
  • Recovery Tools
  • Sobriety - Forever
  • Tips for Early Sobriety
  • Healthy Coping Skills
  • Zapped Back on Track
  • Relapse Remorse

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Dougal:  These booklets contain articles which originally appeared in the Sobering Thoughts newsletter.  A period from 1987 - 2003 was covered.  They contain a wide and varied range of topics, all geared to prevent relapse.  It’s very personal and outlines what has worked for some of our members.  I have used several of these articles for online chats on relapse prevention and they have always provoked a lively and thoughtful discussion.  We need to recognize our red flags.  We need healthy coping skills.  All these things are covered in these booklets.  I have gotten a tremendous amount of information and positive feedback from them.  Women discuss how to stay sober without a face-to-face group, how to stay sober with WFS, and the WFS toolbox.  Great stuff.  Also discussed is how to recognize our red flags and triggers and many are listed.  There are also practical, usable guidelines on coping skills and positive thinking.  I don’t feel that I’m adequately giving these 2 booklets the highlighting that conveys just how useful they’ve been to me.  The fear of relapse is that monster under the bed that I know was there as a child, but didn’t speak of.  I will always and forever be one drink away from a relapse.  I have, therefore, poked that monster under my bed with a stick time and again in order to better understand it.  These booklets helped me tremendously and are great for anytime in our journey.  We should never be fearful of discussing the topic.  Power is in knowledge.  A few of the discussions covered in the booklets:  Relapse, Taking Sobriety for Granted, Anatomy of a Relapse, Recovery Tools, Tips for Early Sobriety, Coping Skills, Staying Sober in the Beginning, Triggers, Early Recovery:  The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach, Party Strategies, WFS Sobriety Toolkit, Journaling to Stay Sober .... AND MANY MORE!

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Tools For Recovery: Relapse Prevention Volume 1

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