Levels of Recovery by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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This booklet goes into detail the Women for Sobriety "New Life" Program in the Level Format, where the Statements are grouped in 6 different "levels" to help guide you through the recovery process.  This booklet is also available in a 4 CD (audio) special with actual face-to-face meetings recorded with each statement: http://www.wfscatalog.org/Levels-of-Recovery-CD-Bundle-BDL107.htm.  As well as a 4 DVD (video) special: http://www.wfscatalog.org/Levels-of-Recovery-DVD-Bundle-BDL109.htm.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Debbie:  This piece of literature is a small booklet, having only 32 pages but full of wisdom.  I don’t remember how much this little booklet cost me but I have found any of the WFS literature that I have bought affordable.  Levels of Recovery with the “New Life” Program describes each of the levels that we go through when we become sober.  I was a few months sober before I realized that Jean had written about there being levels of recovery.  I listened to what some of the women on the online message board had to say about the levels of recovery and I, then, bought this valuable little booklet that I have referred to time and time again.  The booklet begins by going through the process of recovery (there are 6 of them) and listing all the statements in order that go along with the levels.  Then, Jean takes each level, lists the statement that goes with the level and discusses the level and the statements.  It is a good discussion of not only the levels of recovery but also each of the 13 Statements.  There has been much discussion on the online message board about the levels of recovery during the years I have been a member of it.  There have been series on the levels, posts on the levels, chats on the levels and they have all been helpful to me.  But I still refer to this booklet over and over again to refresh myself about the levels of recovery.  It helped me to be in touch with where I am and what statements specifically could help me during that time.  Jean speaks to me in the booklet; and sometimes, as you probably have experienced, I wonder if she was inside my head when she wrote some things – she describes so accurately what I am thinking.

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Levels of Recovery by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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