Happiness & Sobriety CD
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Audio Topic CD by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.  Each CD is approx. 60 Minutes in length.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

LauraMM77:  I have found the CDs/audio tapes to be a very important part of my recovery journey.  The lending library at my face-to-face meeting had several audio tapes available, and my car has a tape deck, so I started listening to Jean very early on.  I find her voice soothing in a no nonsense sort of way, as the tapes are not polished performances.  Her personality and humanity really show through.  The “So You Want To Quit?” tape was the first I listened to and it really hit home with me.  I went on to purchase additional tapes and keep a rotating selection of them in my car.  Some of the ones I listen to over and over are “Self-Imaging”, “Goal Setting”, and “Happiness & Sobriety”.  These are probably the ones I have found most useful, personally, as they address issues I struggle with.

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Happiness & Sobriety CD

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