Depression by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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"Experiencing depression is so devastating and also so indescribable.  It is a feeling of loss, a feeling of emptiness.  Because so many people suffer from depression, the study of it has begun to occupy many psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists.  Almost all agree that we suffer depression when all of our thoughts are dominated by negativity..."  This topis is also recorded by Jean on CD:

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TeddyBear:  This booklet has facts about what depression is, how to get through it and how the “New Life” Program can help you do just that.  Jean writes about the realities of depression from the perspective of one who has lived it.  Depression is an illness that is hard to describe.  Words often used in relation to depression are loss, emptiness, negativity, devastation, black hole and an all-consuming inability to care about anything including oneself.  All suicides are committed by people in the throes of depression; however, not all people suffering from depression commit or attempt to commit suicide.  Included in this booklet is a list of symptoms of depression.  The list is not all-encompassing but does give insight into what depressed persons go through.  Jean also mentions that you can be depressed and not know you are depressed.  If you have any question in your mind that you might be suffering from depression, reading this pamphlet will help you sort it out.  Depression is a very big part of alcoholism. It is intertwined with the very present sense of low self-esteem, isolation, loneliness, attention getting behavior and anger.  There are a number of avenues in the treatment of depression, only one of which is cognitive therapy.  In order to overcome depression, an individual may need a mixture of healing paths involving self-help, medical professionals, therapists and group therapies.  The “New Life” Program is a model for behavior modification.  It addresses a means by which a woman can pull herself out of negativism and into a positive, productive life.  Jean indicates that the fourth, fifth, and twelfth statements are important to this part of an individual’s recovery.  Recovering from depression is all about Level 3 - NEW THINKING - which teaches us how to create and to practice a new self-image.  Recovery from depression and from alcoholism requires changes on the mental level and on the physical level and it all must start with a desire to get better.  Jean lists 10 specific actions one can take on the road out of depression.  Ending on a very positive note, Jean emphasizes that we can overcome depression.  Many of the same things that define the depressed personality also define the alcoholic personality.  This is a fact that came to me as I read this booklet.  I can identify with many of the symptoms of depression as I live with its effects daily.  I am known as chemically depressed.  I will be taking medication for depression for the rest of my life.  My doc has tried to wean me off of drugs but my body is too sensitive and I become depressed very quickly.  They have even tried to do this without me knowing (not while I was drinking), thinking that it might be a mindset.  I was very aware that things were not right and was put back on my regular dose immediately.  If taking a little pill helps to keep me from negativism and thoughts of suicide, I am all for it.  I am a person who hates taking pills but I make an exception here.  The drugs do not do it all though.  You must work through it.  You must work at building a positive sense of self.  Jean provides invaluable insights on how to accomplish this.  This booklet, like all of Jean’s writings, is packed with helpful, informative and encouraging concepts.  A must read in my humble opinion.  Seeing in print that I was not a nut and that my feelings were changeable really made a difference in my ability to begin to turn my life around.  Now when a see a hummingbird, I can wonder at how those little wings can move so fast and in different directions.  I can sit at an open bedroom window and really smell the honeysuckle in bloom.  I can live happy with inner peace and contentment.

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Depression by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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