Body, Mind & Alcohol by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.
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The facts about alcohol & addiction.

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Shirley:  This booklet talks about alcohol and all the negative effects it has on our bodies.  It has a great breakdown of all the different chemical reactions we go through at the different stages of our disease.  It also shows how the chemicals affect all the different parts of our bodies and the effects are from head to toe, nothing is exempt from harm.  Starting a life of sobriety, we can undo some of the damage and live healthy, happy, clean lives.  This ties in with Statement #1, “I have a life-threatening problem that once had me.”   I had to first admit that I had a problem with alcohol and it was making me sick.  I was sick when I drank.  I was sick when I decided to abstain for a few hours; which, of course, never lasted that long because having another drink helped me feel “better” again.  I didn’t know that the reason I felt miserable was because I was going through all these mini withdrawals.  I was allowing myself to believe that it was okay to have the next drink to help me over the hump of misery.  I hadn’t read this booklet until later in my recovery; however, I found it very informative and helpful.  There were real reasons that I felt so ill during these stages.  It was because I was starving my body of what it had become use to.  It wanted some more of the poison that was, in reality, destroying me.  I also found that with continued sobriety, I felt better.  My eye doctor said to me, two years after my recovery date, that whatever I had done two years before had made a big difference to my eyes.  Well, duh, it was my drinking; I knew it to the bottom of my heart and soul.  I knew there had also been improvements at the dentist office.  I never shared verbally with these professionals; but I must assume that, as professionals, they must have come to the conclusion that sobriety was behind my improved health.  This booklet helped my understanding and cleared up a lot of ideas about how my drinking affected my health.  I believe that all the information I can have will help me remain clean, sober and healthy.

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Body, Mind & Alcohol by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.

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