Reflections For Growth Bundle
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By Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Twelve small booklets that reflect a subject/emotion topic for each week of the month.  This bundle is a set of all 12 Booklets (January to December).

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Toots:  This is a series of 12 small, 4”x 5.5”, booklets, very portable, one for each month of the year.  Each booklet contains a meditation for each day of that month, with a weekly topic-theme.  I have created an index for myself, for quick easy reference.  For instance, the weekly themes for May are:  Control, Independence, Strength, Success, Understanding, and Discipline.  I once led a “Reflections for Growth” chat based on the current weekly topics from these booklets.  There are times when I am searching for insight on something in particular, or in need of a bit of de-stressing.  I reach for my index and look up topics that will help me.  Before I realize it, my mood and mental focus has shifted; I feel better about myself and more capable of handling the day’s tasks.  If you are looking for meditation material, this 12-booklet set would make a good choice for that purpose.  It’s a perfect starting-off place for those who have never used this great tool of meditation.  I have found these useful for my own morning meditations.  Reading the one for that particular day in a quiet place, as Jean suggests, sometimes Journaling my own thoughts regarding the reading.  This gives my day a great jump start in the direction of my New Life.  I can reflect back on it at any time.

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Reflections For Growth Bundle

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