Considerations Workbook
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A Workbook for Personal Growth by Jane Claypool, Susan Crain, Marion Hoch

These "Considerations" first appeared in WFS's newsletter, Sobering Thoughts.  This workbook is designed to help women explore personal growth.  The numerous "Considerations" can be used many times and can indicate changes in feelings and thoughts.  This workbook can also be used by therapists in their counseling women; it can serve as a record of thoughts and ideas.  Quotes from women with discussions and "actions" to work on each of the subjects such as:

  • Happiness
  • Anger
  • Independence
  • Handling Anxiety
  • Resolving Problems
  • Feeling Gratitude
  • Making Changes
  • Our Inner Self
  • Faith & Purpose
  • Emotional Maturity, etc.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

LauraMM77:  This is one of my favorite workbooks from WFS, although it isn’t a traditional workbook, in the sense that you don’t have to start at page 1 and work through it sequentially.  It is a series of short (1 page) readings (called “Considerations”), each with a suggested “Action” and a page to journal your comments and feelings after taking the action.  There is a table of contents (that links each topic to the appropriate WFS Statement); however, I often just flip open the book and read at random.  Topics include:  Happiness, Anger, Handling Anxiety, Loneliness, Change, Procrastination, Self-Esteem, Faith and Purpose, Resolving Problems, Emotional Maturity, and many more.  “Considerations” was originally a feature of Sobering Thoughts and the material in this workbook are gleaned from those original publications.  There are 33 Considerations in all.

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Considerations Workbook

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