Beginner's Special Bundle
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Special Package To Start 

Your New Life Journey Into Recovery


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This bundle includes the following four items, which were specially selected for women new to the WFS New Life Program:

  • The Program Booklet - regular price $5.00
  • Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life - regular price $16.95
  • Beginner's Collection - regular price $9.95
  • Transformed! A Guided Meditation CD - regular price $14.95


REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say: 

Doris:  Like a lot of women before me, I lurked on the online forum message boards for a while before I ever ordered the Beginner’s Special.  When I got it, I didn’t do anything with it right away.  However, what a difference it made in my journey when I actually read the material.  I can’t stress enough to anyone who thinks they’re using this program by just using the online forum...the message boards are not the program.  Order the Beginner’s Special.  It will make a huge difference in your sobriety journey and it may mean the difference between staying sober and drinking.

Ruth Ann:  When I received my Beginner’s Special in the mail, I read everything cover to cover.  It took me, unfortunately, another 7 months to stop drinking.  I have a wine glass stain on the front cover.  I use to think how awful this was, drinking and reading at the same time… can I do this?  I woke up once with the book stuck to my chest.  Something, of course, was sinking in.  The words are powerful, and I realize now it was part of the process.

TeddyBear:  The Beginner’s Special is a “SPECIAL PACKAGE TO START YOUR “NEW LIFE” JOURNEY INTO RECOVERY.”  It took me several reads of the material to finally start to absorb it.  I think that is because my brain was pickled.  It took me another 3 ½ months to put it into continuous practice.  There would be a week, then several weeks, then a month and then things really started rolling and I am not going back.  I keep the Program Booklet in my journal.  I refer to it often.  I know that, at some point, I will probably buy new copies.  This is a wonderful gift to give yourself or someone you know who is struggling.  It is a life saver!

Shirley:  If you have never ordered anything from the WFS catalog, this is a great start.  It gives you encouragement, especially on the difficult days when the “imp” [impulse] is breathing over your shoulder.  I know I spent many hours reading Jean’s literature until I knew it almost word for word.

Dougal:  I was at my personal rock bottom and it seemed like it took forever for it to arrive.  I was lurking on the online message boards, of course, and that’s how I joined WFS and finally got that Beginner’s Special.  For me, I swear it was like honey to a starving bee. The Beginner’s package is the first ray of hope.  It’s priceless and, even if you don’t or can’t use it right away or even if you can’t read all of it or think it is silly or whatever at first; don’t give up on it.  It will change your life.

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Beginner's Special Bundle

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