Beginner's Collection Workbook
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This is a collection of five workbooks and booklets originally written by New Life Program founder Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., between 1975 and 2000. These writings were specifically selected with the needs of women new to WFS in mind. Lightly revised to modernize the language around addiction and reflect the changing roles of women in society, we are proud to honor the legacy of our founder in this new collection. Plastic spiral binding allows ease of use with workbook pages.

Included in this volume:

  • Beginner’s Booklet – Dr. Kirkpatrick’s introduction to the New Life Program.
  • New Life Diary – A 13-day crash course in the principles of the New Life Program, based on Dr. Kirkpatrick’s seminal work, Turnabout. Some women complete this workbook in 13 days, while others complete it over a longer period of time. Your recovery is up to you with the New Life Program!
  • Levels of Recovery – A guide to the overall process of recovery, and what to expect as your recovery develops over time.
  • Self-Imaging – Workbook-style adaptation of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s essay of the same name. Developing a new, healthy self-image is key to the New Life Program.
  • The First Year – An essay about the common pitfalls to look out for in your first year of sobriety.


Please Note: This item is included in the Beginner’s Special, which is highly recommended for newcomers to the WFS New Life Program.

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Beginner's Collection Workbook

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