WFS Program Booklet 10-Pack Bundle Special - USA only
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This small size (4 x 5.5") booklet explains each of the Thirteen Statements of the Women for Sobriety "New Life" Program.  A "must have" for each woman working the program in her recovery.  It is in the Beginner's Special at a discounted rate ( and is also available on CD (

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Tessa:  I believe it is essentially the meat and potatoes of our “New Life” Program.  It comes in the Beginner’s pack or can be purchased separately.  The booklet contains essential information to begin our new life.  The booklet begins with our WFS motto.  We use this motto to close every meeting, face-to-face or online chat.  To me the WFS Motto is very powerful as it shows the very strong sisterhood we share in overcoming alcoholism and helping our sisters do the same.  The very first time I saw this motto I was relieved; I did not feel so alone and I got a glimpse of the woman that I could become.  I had not felt any of those things for a long time.  The Program Booklet then outlines the “New Life” Program.  This shows the simplicity of the program and shows us how much hope we can actually have.  The Program Booklet then lists each of our 13 Statements.  After each statement, Jean tells us the meaning behind that particular statement.  She goes into great detail and oftentimes shares her personal experiences.  I love the way Jean writes and shares with us; it makes you feel as if she is right there with you explaining the program.  The final part of the booklet outlines WFS’s Mission Statement. This neatly defines our philosophy and way of thinking.  One of the great things about this booklet is its portability.  The booklet is very small and soft-covered, great for carrying in your purse or backpack.  I find myself referring to it several times daily.  Please take the time to read this booklet, whether you are new or if you have been with us a while and haven’t had a chance to familiarized yourself with it.  This small, 44 page booklet carries with it so much of the comfort, reassurance and knowledge this program has to offer.

Dougal:  I love that little booklet.  Mine is well worn; but, I wouldn’t trade it for a new one because each wrinkle and spot reflects my journey.

Molly:  I have more than one copy of this outstanding booklet.  I did carry it with me for quite some time.  I just gave my 2nd copy away last week to someone I struck up a conversation with.  I keep my other copy in the bathroom drawer (What?  You don’t keep yours there?).  I read it when I am drying my hair.  I have underlined the parts that speak to me most and written in the borders.  This booklet is worth reading again and again.  As I grow and heal, the words speak differently to me.  The words look the same on the page; however, the message takes on new form each time.  This is a must have for those learning the program, refreshing their WFS program work, or looking for inexpensive excellent advice.

TeddyBear:  Like the other ladies here, I keep my copy of this booklet very handy.  Most days it is inside my journal for easy reference when I am writing.  My journal goes with me when I am out and about in case a thought strikes me that I want to write down.  I found out early on that slips of paper just get lost!  This is a valuable tool.  It is the essence of the “New Life” Program in one very portable package.

Paula:  The Program Booklet keeps the men in the white coats away.

Stephanie:  The Program Booklet was the very first piece of literature (if you don’t count what can be downloaded from the Women for Sobriety website) that I read.  I was already several years sober by the time I found WFS - so many of the pamphlets didn’t “draw” me; however, I wanted very much to learn how to put this positive program into action and the Program Booklet went into detail about each statement and how I could start using the “New Life” Program to start turning my thinking around.  I return again and again to this little booklet - in preparing for online chat and face-to-face meetings - in reviewing the statements myself - and in helping new women learn about this wonderful program!  It is still one of my favorite pieces of WFS literature and I carry mine around with me and have extra copies available to give to new women.

JoyfulJan:  I regularly go back and read the Program Booklet - this was, and is, a lifesaver for me.

Toots:  I agree, along with the Sobering Thoughts Newsletter, this is a “must have” item for all WFS members.  I keep it at my fingertips (clipped to the Beginner’s Booklet) for quick, easy reference.  This is also a perfect tool for anyone wanting to journal the 13 Statements.

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WFS Program Booklet 10-Pack Bundle Special - USA only

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