Tools For Recovery: Handling the Holidays
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In this series of booklets, we've gathered together articles (that were previously published in WFS's newsletter, Sobering Thoughts) with a certain topic in mind to help women, in their recovery, learn from the experiences and insight of women using the WFS Program.

This booklet is a great help with group meetings too!

These articles & more:

  • In Harms Way: Fighting the Holiday Temptation
  • Sharing Our Love
  • Delusion, Illusion, Disillusion
  • A New Year's Plan
  • Handling Stress During Holiday Season
  • Gift Giving
  • My First Sober Holiday Season
  • Trying New Things for the Holidays
  • Those Families Again
  • Holiday & Coping
  • Fences of Freedom
  • Celebrate Sobriety!
  • I Give Thanks At This Time Of Year
  • Financial Perspective During the Holidays

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Molly:  Twenty-nine essays in one booklet (how awesome is that!).  A variety of topics are covered including:  anxiety regarding winter holidays; expectations of yourself, others and situations; past holidays (memories, rituals); strategies for staying sober and danger zones (temptations, triggers).  Some recurring suggestions include:  sobriety is your #1 priority; maintain awareness; recognize and utilize your power of choice; relapse is a real danger for any of us; enjoy and not just endure the holidays; your first sober holiday and all to follow; and the gift of sobriety.  After hearing my therapist and recovering women label the winter holidays as the great challenge of the first sober year, I was scared.  Few friends or relatives knew I had quit drinking.  I expected to be offered plenty of drinks and be encouraged to have ‘just one’ to celebrate the season.  My husband (and party companion) had not accepted nor addressed my sobriety.  I needed guidance.  I sought support.  I wanted to make it.  I read this booklet several times during December.  Picture this:  I wake early in the cold Chicago morning to sit by the window with a blanket.  One by one, 29 sober WFS members pull up a chair to tell me how I can celebrate the holidays sober.  I latch onto their words; grateful they understand my fear, accept my limitations, and desire my success.  That is what reading this booklet is like.  It is gentle but firm guidance from experienced women who want you to succeed, to know peace, and to enjoy your greatest gift, sobriety.  I read this booklet and then responded to its ideas in my journal.  It was a great way to construct my holiday plan.  I identified my own danger zones and created my own strategy list.  I faced the nostalgia and temptations before ever leaving my chair by the window.  Having encountered these triggers in my journal and in my mind, I felt more confidence facing them dressed in their festive finery when the time came.  I very strongly recommend this booklet.  It is a real bargain for the wealth of guidance it provides.  It addressed my fears, answered my questions, and gave me hope and confidence to embrace the holidays.

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Tools For Recovery: Handling the Holidays

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