Self-Esteem Workbook by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.

A Guide for Change & Growth: Understanding the way women feel about themselves, with exercises for improving self-concepts.

Chapters include:

  • Women & Self-Esteem
  • How Our Self-Attitudes Are Formed
  • Attitudes That Build Self-Esteem

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Kale:  This workbook is separated into 3 sections: what self-esteem is and why it’s important, how self-esteem is formed, and actions that build and improve self-esteem.  Before I read this workbook, I knew self-esteem was important for my well-being; but, I didn’t realize HOW important.  The author makes clear how many aspects of our life are directly affected by our level of self-esteem.  The quizzes in the first few pages of the workbook can leave you feeling raw and hurt, as they quickly uncover the many areas of life weakened by poor self-esteem.  The exercises that follow, which are meant to uncover similar faulty thinking, can deepen that hurt as we are forced to face our own self-talk.  For a few months, I set aside this workbook because I couldn’t make it through the first section – it was painful.  If only I knew what lay ahead!  I encourage anyone who finds it difficult to complete the first section to move into section II.  This section is filled with information and ideas about how our self-esteem is shaped throughout our lives and provides more positive exercises.  The author describes how religion, family, friends, school, motherhood, government, culture, and many other external factors can affect the vision we have of ourselves.  I found this section helpful in targeting specific areas where I allow others to influence my self-worth.  The 3rd section includes extremely valuable suggestions and information about the re-formation of our self-esteem.  This workbook does not suggest that we have either high or low self-esteem, but that we may have unrealistic views of ourselves which can lead to faulty and negative thoughts.  This section focuses on developing a healthy self-esteem.  I found this part the most helpful and chock-full of lightbulb moments.  She writes about being alone, being in a relationship with a partner or friend, jobs and careers, family and motherhood, effective negotiating, and many other interesting topics.  She certainly saved the best chapter for last.  Don’t stop before you get to this section!!

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Self-Esteem Workbook by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.

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