Self-Analyzers Workbook by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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Build a New Foundation for Your New Life

A workbook with over 30 'self-quizzes' to look at where you are in recovery, where you are going and where you want to be.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

LauraMM77:  This workbook is kind of the “Cosmo Quiz” equivalent of WFS literature.  It provides numerous multiple choices, True/False and open-ended questions that assist you in gauging your recovery.  Examples include “Do You Know Yourself?”, “Friendship”, “Goal Setting” and “Are You Together?”  I use the “Year in Review” every January 1st to think about how I am progressing in my New Life and help frame my goals for the coming year.  This is a great workbook to have on hand when you need to jump start your program.  I always learn something new about myself every time I take one of these little quizzes because I am always growing and changing.  I recommend answering in a journal so that you can go back and take the quiz again in the future and not be influenced by your previous responses.

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Self-Analyzers Workbook by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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