New You Program for Overeaters Workbook
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By Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

A behavior modification program for women with a weight problem.  Based on the Women For Sobriety "New Life" Program.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

LauraMM77:  The “New You” Workbook is a self-contained adaptation of the WFS program to eating issues.  The first part is similar to the “New Life” Diary, guiding the reader through each of the statements with questions and journaling prompts.  The last section is basically a revised version of the Program Booklet.  In the workbook, Jean uses the terms “overeating”, “weight problem” and “obesity”; however, it is easily adaptable to any number of eating related issues.  For example, if your issue is food control, anorexia, unhealthy eating or inappropriate food choices; you could easily modify the wording of the workbook.  I came to WFS after a successful gastric by-pass surgery; so, although I didn’t need to lose weight, I still needed to figure out my relationship with food and find healthy coping mechanisms, as I had replaced food with alcohol (and had used sex, drugs, shopping, etc. at different times in my life as well).  “New You” allowed me to see the power of applying the WFS Program more broadly in my life and has given me new ways to use the tools I know work for me.

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New You Program for Overeaters Workbook

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