How to Conquer Your Alcoholism by D.H. Williams
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A Complete and Useable Program and Reference Guide to Getting & Staying Sober  

You or your loved one has tried rehab, 12-step programs, and/or other methods to try and break the hold of alcoholism on your life, often multiple times. But nothing seems to work, at least not for long! You may have also sought clear answers about the often complex and confusing world of alcoholism and addiction treatment, but were frustrated to find the information fragmented, too high-level, or even contradictory, and certainly not put together in a coherent, integrated, all-in-one resource.  

Now comes How To Conquer Your Alcoholism! This groundbreaking new program and reference guide looks to succeed where all else has failed, in two key ways. First, its 13-Level approach combines the best-of-the-best of individual treatment tools with unconventional new “insider” methods that in total provide a comprehensive, innovative, and above all practical new program to get you sober and stay that way.  

Second, it also provides you with all the resources you need to navigate your way to sobriety with easy-to-understand explanations of complicated topics and useable how-to directions. In short, this program and book provides you with all the tools you need to Conquer Your Alcoholism!

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How to Conquer Your Alcoholism by D.H. Williams

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