For Women Alcoholics: 3 Essays by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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For Women Alcoholics: Three Essays:

  • Understanding Isolation
  • Compulsivity
  • Anxiety and The Woman Alcoholic

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TeddyBear:  A booklet with three concise and thorough essays on three aspects of the woman alcoholic’s behavior.  These facets are often carried over into the woman’s sober life and, if not dealt with, can become stumbling blocks to the successful achievement of a vital “New Life”.  The first essay, Understanding Isolation, introduces the concept of an inner, unseen and controlling self that has pervasive influence on the behavior of the visible or physical self.  This inner self is ever present even in the fog of alcoholism.  However, when one stops drinking, the drive that is this inner self remains.  It is this inner self that leads to isolation in the woman’s sober life.  The isolation is essentially the fear of opening up and being vulnerable.  Jean explains this inner self and how to become free.  In becoming free of this isolationistic behavior, we incorporate many of the statements of the "New Life" Program.  The second essay, Compulsivity, explains where this behavior may show up in sober behavior and what it might be the manifestation of.  Jean gives some questions to help the individual decide if compulsivity is part of their sober life and she suggests how to deal with it.  We know what the main compulsive behavior of our alcoholic life was.  The first step to overcoming the compulsivity of alcoholism is encapsulated in Statement #1, “I have a life-threatening problem that once had me.”  The third essay, Anxiety & The Woman Alcoholic, describes some of the effects of anxiety and offers a possible resolution.  The alcoholic woman drank to quell the feelings of anxiety.  The sober woman has to learn how to recognize anxious behavior and take steps to remove anxiety from her everyday life.  Jean addresses some of the potential causes of anxiety and assures the reader that the “New Life” Program shows the way to freedom from anxiety.  I have read and re-read this booklet.  I have underlined many descriptions and phrases I could identify with.  I have gained more knowledge each time I go through it.  What you get from this booklet depends on your mindset and where you are in your journey.  I know that I am finding that life can be great and that I love the freedom I have to live it with confidence and enthusiasm.  I went through the booklet for this review and was able to say, “No more, that behavior is not part of my life anymore.”  I am enough.

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For Women Alcoholics: 3 Essays by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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