Competent Cooking: The WFS "New Life" Cookbook
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LIMITED QUANTITY LEFT! This hardcover cookbook contains over 600 recipes submitted by WFS Members and friends from all over the world! We think it will make a great all occasion gift.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Sherbear:  On the inside cover there is a Dedication to our members, who learned of a new way into recovery and have shared that hope with others and to their strong resolve to support one another and the program that has brought them all together.  And there’s a promise that I personally find very comforting, and that is that the WFS program will continue to be there for all those seeking help to create a new life.  We can help keep that promise by buying from the WFS Bookstore, hence Toots’ master plan with this Literature Review Series!  You will recognize many names and know that the recipes must be yummy.  There are lots from our Nancy in Ohio, Becky in PA and there’s Hellie’s Dublin Coddle (pg. 139) and could that be the Cindy we know from the WFS office with Summer’s Blueberry Muffins (pg. 226) and Wendy in Oz (Australia), Irene in Edmonton....wait a second, Linda in Vermont, could that be our Toots with the Ugly Duckling Cake (pg. 233).  This book is really fun, girls - you must have it!  Yes, you must!!  It is an excellent cookbook where you can probably find just about any recipe you are looking for.  If you’re wondering how to cook ribs, why not Memphis Style Ribs (pg. 132) with Kicking Butt Barbecue sauce (pg. 324) from Bonner, who is actually from Memphis and probably knows of what she speaks!  Or, if it’s your turn to make dinner, why not have an international theme and start with LIHAPIIRAKKA (pg. 118), a meat pasty from the WFS Novat Group in Helsinki, Finland.  There are Mexican, Irish, Icelandic, Ukrainian, Dutch and Italian recipes, they’re all there, you name it.  There are lots of traditional North American type choices too.  Who isn’t looking for a really good banana loaf recipe?  (If you don’t already have a cherished one passed down in your family.)  Well, on pg. 212, you’ll find Blue Ribbon Banana Bread from Lea in Illinois that she actually won First Place and Grand Champion ribbons with at the County Fair when she was about eleven years old.  As you can see, I really enjoy this cookbook and would highly recommend it.

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Competent Cooking: The WFS "New Life" Cookbook

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