Communicating Workbook by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.
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Communicating with Different Personalities in Different Ways.

Understanding our own and other people's communication styles - how we differ in sending messages and in perceiving them - is one of the purposes of this workbook.  Another is to adapt our own style to that of others so that the interchange is more compatible, comfortable, effective.  Highly recommended for those leading meetings.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Dekas:  This workbook helped me to understand communicating styles:  my style and other people’s different styles.  The workbook describes four different basic communication styles and how the styles cross-communicate.  The behaviors include words, voice, facial expressions and body language.  Techniques can vary between men and women and also the location (home, work and with friends).  The workbook discusses how different styles can be combative and some styles are compatible.  If you are observant about another person’s communication patterns, you can change your style to mirror the other person’s techniques and improve communication.  To me, this goes back to what I am responsible for:  If I want to communicate with another person, I need to be aware of their communication patterns and what the best way is for me the approach another person.  My tone of voice, body language and choice of words all have an impact on how a conversation develops.

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Communicating Workbook by Margaret Pruitt, Ph.D.

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