Collection of "Sobering Thoughts" Bundle
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These booklets are a collection of articles written by Dr. Kirkpatrick (WFS Founder) and were first published in Sobering Thoughts newsletter.  In the table of contents of each booklet, it lists all the articles along with the program statements that correlate.  This is a great resource for members & group moderators.  This bundle is a set of all 17 Volumes.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Steph:  I find the table of contents (and articles) great resources when planning a topic for an online chat or a face-to-face meeting.  There are so many topics covered by Jean over the years - from “Should-be-itis - Do you have it?” to “That Four O’clock Slump.”  These articles really get me thinking about this program, how to practice it, and what it means to me to be a WFS 4C woman.  I also feel that I get to know Jean through her writings.  I highly recommend these booklets to chat leaders, group moderators, assistant chat leaders, co-moderators, or anyone else who wants to really “dive into” this “New Life” Program.

Molly4CForever:  I have several Collection of Sobering Thoughts booklets, which I selected for the topics covered.  This is an awesome source of reading materials for my ‘morning me time’.  The Collection of Sobering Thoughts booklets are lightweight, very portable, and inexpensive.  I highly suggest purchasing these booklets.

Shirley:  I have found the Collections of Sobering Thoughts booklets to be an added bonus to my recovery library.  Many times when I feel in a spot, I will pull one out of the bookcase, open it at random and, sure enough, I find what I need at that moment.  I have also found they are great to stick into my suitcase when I travel... being not too thick, a bit flatter than a bigger book, they are a great short story to read while traveling, a short story to read before retiring and also a lot of wisdom.  Plus words to re-enforce the reasons that I want to, and need to, stay sober.

Molly4CForever:  This is one of my favorite resources I’d like to recommend to our newer members.

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Collection of "Sobering Thoughts" Bundle

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