Anger & Women by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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"Anger - that emotion we rarely discuss but which we all experience.  Women's anger is actually a response to external and internal oppression.  Because of its powerful nature and the frightening place of its origin, we turn away from it and try to keep on burying it."  There is also a CD available on Breaking Dependencies and Anger & Women that Jean recorded:

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Review by Steph:  Anger and Women is a 20 page booklet written by Jean Kirkpatrick.  In this booklet, she addresses the differences in which men and women are socialized to express (or not express) anger - how society views an angry man differently than an angry woman.  She further examines the effects of always trying to be the “good girl” has on women’s lives - of suppressed anger, misdirected anger, and anger turned inwards towards ourselves.  There is also a discussion about the relationship between anger and feelings of powerlessness for many women.  After the discussion section of the book, Jean provides several exercises to help women take an honest look at anger and its impact on their lives.  Anger and Women is one of the first pamphlets I ordered from WFS - as I have always had a strange relationship with anger.  Anger has propelled me to achieve many things in my life.  My anger at mixed messages about what I could and could not be as a woman propelled me to finance my way through college and compete in a male-dominated profession.  More recently, my anger at violence against women in general and against a few of my friends in particular has propelled me into learning more about activism, research and treatment options in this area.  But anger has also been a real problem for me.  Most times when I get angry, the feeling of anger is almost immediately replaced with a feeling of despair, and then of guilt.  I am terribly afraid of anger in others and anger in myself.  It has taken me a lot of work to be able to realize that these reactions I have make sense in the light of the socialization I grew up with (both society at large and the lessons I learned in my family of origin about anger).  And that my reactions are just that - emotional reactions - that do not require immediate action and do not, in reality, express anything about me (i.e. I may have a guilt reaction but that does not automatically mean that I have handled my anger in an inappropriate way).  Many of the topics that Jean writes about in Anger and Women reflect what I have come to learn about my own relationship with anger, and have helped me to become more accepting of my anger and what it is trying to tell me.  Also, it helped me figure out what might be appropriate actions to take, in response to my anger.

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Anger & Women by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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