A Year of Reflections Vol #1-16 Bundle
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Back in April 1999, a new feature column was started in the Sobering Thoughts newsletter called "Reflections".  It is based on Jean Kirkpatrick's 12 Booklets, Reflections for Growth.  In each month's newsletter, women write about their thoughts, feelings and experiences on a particular topic.  In this booklet series, we collected each year's worth of reflection topics and comments that were printed in the newsletter.

This bundle is a full set of A Year of Reflections booklets (Volume #1-16).

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Dougal:  In 1999, Becky Fenner (our WFS Director) started a new feature column in WFS’s monthly newsletter, Sobering Thoughts, called “Reflections”.  It’s based on Jean Kirkpatrick’s 12 booklets, Reflections for Growth.  Each month she contacts WFS women and asks them to express their thoughts about a different topic that’s covered in these particular booklets by Jean.  She starts with a quote from Jean and then women add their feelings, thoughts, and insights to that topic.  For example in Volume 1, the first topic was on “Regret”.  Jean writes, “If I were to dwell on the numerous regrets I have from all the years gone by, regret would also be accompanied by bitterness.  Surely the greatest waste of time is to dwell on something that cannot be changed.  Growth, rather than regret, is my day’s objective.”  This “Reflections” series was begun when Jean Kirkpatrick was still alive and I'm terribly sorry I never had the good fortune to meet her.  “A Year of Reflections” booklets cover quite a few years.  The first year there aren’t 12 topics covered because it was begun in April.  The second year, 2000, there was no topic offered for August because the entire Sobering Thoughts issue was dedicated and published as a tribute and memorial to Jean Kirkpatrick.  Becky has gathered all these reflections and has currently published them in these volumes - each representing “A Year of Reflections”.  It’s wonderful, personal, heartfelt stuff.  There are so many topics covered that it would be almost impossible not to find a discussion that fits your present mood or need.  The booklets can be purchased as a set (great price!).  I got mine at the last WFS Conference.  Or they can be purchased along with any of the other books and booklets using the online catalog.

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A Year of Reflections Vol #1-16 Bundle

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