A Woman's Guide To Surviving Divorce & Maintaining Sobriety
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By Cheryl Van Gyzen.

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Molly:  I have not experienced divorce, so I do not write this as a woman knowing the hardship, the challenges, and the pain of divorce.  I bought this so that I could better understand and help a dear friend.  The author of this booklet was a member of the WFS Board of Directors at the time she wrote it.  At that time, she had been a WFS member for 15 years and moderated a WFS group.  This booklet offers advice on how to gain knowledge of the divorce procedure, your rights, and useful resources for a woman getting divorced.  It is not lengthy or detailed; however, it does provide specific information in a simple manner.  It is a good beginner’s guide with basic information.  Emotions were mentioned several times.  A woman is told to expect a wide array of feelings with strong intensity.  This booklet does not, however, address how a woman is to address these strong difficult emotions.  This booklet seems most useful to a woman coming into the decision-making process regarding divorce or a woman newly into the procedure.

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A Woman's Guide To Surviving Divorce & Maintaining Sobriety

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