A Plan for Life: Relapse Prevention by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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The most feared and most devastating aspect of sobriety and recovery is relapse.  There are ways that we can give ourselves some insurance against our relapsing:

  • Have PURPOSE in life
  • Learn how to handle the CHANGES necessary to accomplish our purpose
  • Have our PRIORITIES AND GOALS arranged in a logical order and have a plan.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Review by CapableMarie:  I am so glad to be able to write about “A Plan for Life:  Relapse Prevention,” because it forced me to re-read the booklet at a time when I can use the ideas and support.  On the very first page, Jean tells us that it is natural for us to fear not staying sober, and that this is why we continue to dream about drinking.  I was soooo glad to read this!  I have eleven months of sobriety and recently I’ve had several dreams about drinking.  Right now I have a busy sober life that would have been impossible at this time last year:  finishing up a teaching term that I can be uber proud of (no lost papers, no shoddy grading, no cutting corners); I am working on a writing project (a true gift of sobriety that came to me out of nowhere); I am branching out a bit more in terms of social situations and carrying more money (branching out in the world just a bit more).  During the day, I don’t think about drinking too much; and, when I do, I don’t have to deal with any real temptations.  However, my dreams point to the fact that in the long-term view, I am still a relative newbie.  It takes time.  I pay attention to the women’s stories online, especially the ones that show that we can face unexpected temptations to drink months or years into recovery.  I want to be ready if that happens.  Jean’s booklet reminded me of three ways to recover successfully and with grace:  by having a purpose for our lives, learning how to deal with change, and setting and working toward goals.  You know what?  When I do these things, I don’t regret the past--my past--because I feel good about now.  Without regret and shame, I am stronger and looking forward to my sober future rather than back to my drinking self.  When I don’t focus on purpose, accept change, or set goals, I am more likely to sink into self-pity and shame.  I never want, or plan, to drink again.  Not because of that one drink which can be okay for so many other people, but because of the life it inevitable leads to for me.  NEVER.  Staying sober is so much easier when we are in recovery and giving ourselves the gift of the lives we want and deserve.  This booklet reminds me how to focus on LIVING a wonderful sober life rather than just not drinking, how to find my purpose, how to deal with change, how to set the goals that work for me.

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A Plan for Life: Relapse Prevention by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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