A Guided Healing Meditation CD
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Recorded by Pam Rief at the 2004 WFS Conference.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Molly:  The golden warmth of sunlight is used to caress, soothe, heal, relax, and empower you.  The words of the 13 Women for Sobriety Statements are used in the guided imagery to bring you a sense of belonging, a sense of strength, and a sense of peace.  There is music discreetly in the background and then of primary focus for 10 minutes prior to closing the meditation.  I find such comfort in listening to this CD.  I feel a strong sense of ‘coming home’ within myself.  I feel more dedicated to the WFS program.  It is a 33 minute mini retreat I can take again and again.  I hope you will get this for yourself and possibly one for a friend.  There is no mention of WFS by name; however, our statements are woven into the meditation experience.  It is a soothing strengthening experience.

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A Guided Healing Meditation CD

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