A Fresh Start by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
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How it all began!  Dr. Kirkpatrick's early sobriety and the beginning of the organization and program of Women for Sobriety.  [Currently out of print]

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Casey:  This is a small book written by Jean in the early days of her sobriety.  She writes of her fears, insecurities and her needs of a program dealing with issues she herself experienced in her day to day recovery.  She found that AA was not addressing specific needs and she was in search of new ideas and thinking.  Through a process of reading/exploration and introspection she came to the conclusion she herself was an expert in recovery.  She shares this process of self-discovery and her journey in founding Women for Sobriety from the name, to establishing the office and the funding.  She was becoming recognized as an expert in the field of alcoholism and was gaining attention and recognition.  I loved reading her honest and painful self-realizations as her life purpose unfolded.  She realized that we “really are what we think” and how that evolved into a comprehensive program for changing alcoholic behavior.  The book walks us through her doubts, her insecurities and her hope and success.  Her voice speaks so clearly, and I again was reminded why it spoke to me so profoundly in the early days of my sobriety when I read it.

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A Fresh Start by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

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